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Judul Skripsi Sastra Inggris Novel

Sedang mencari judul skripsi sastra inggris? Utamanya yang bahas tentang novel or sejenisnya? Bro or sis berada di tempat yang tepat. Neh ane grojokin judul skripsi sastra inggris novel--yang merupakan judul skripsi bahasa inggris--dan konco-konconya yang banyak banget.

Nyok disimak judul skripsi sastra inggris ini bro and sis

Women Talking about Men: An Exploration of the Contested Self in Narrative Identity Construction

Reflections of Modernity: Pre- and Post-World War I Conceptions of Modernity as Embodied by the New Woman in F. Scott Fitzgerald¹s The Beautiful and Damned (1922) and Collete’s La Vagabonde (1910)

William Faulkner: Perception and Reception

Deconstructing Oppression: The Women¹s Room, Sula, and a Call for Unity among the Marginalized

Family values in Sloan Wilson’s The man in the grey flannel suit

The Development of Kitty Coleman in Tracy Chevalier’s Falling Angels

Male view of women in the Beat Generation – A study of gender in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road

Comparative Study on Feminism, A Lysistrata & She-Devil

Comparison and Contrast between Two Major Characters, The Cherry Orchard, The

Comparison between Christian Concept oN humanity and the Concept of Destiny, A Oedipus Rex

judul skripsi sastra inggris: Comparison between The Ideal and the Reality, A Divine Image, The & A Divine Image

Comparison of Tragic Heroes, The Othello & Oedipus Rex

A Psychological Study of the Character Development of Etsuko —Thirst for Love (sebuah judul skripsi bahasa inggris novel)

A Reflection of British Society as the Result of Industrial Revolution in the Late 18th Century —Pride and Prejudice

A Reflection of the Characters, Setting, & Plot Related to Psychoanalytic Theory —Storm, The

A Saitre on Social Class and Gender in Victorian Society through the Main Character —Twelve Pound Look, the

A Socialist Feminist Perspective on Women’s Position in Marriage —Remember Me

A Study of David’s Inner Conflicts as a Homosexual —Giovanni’s Room (Baldwin)

Mythology and Moral in C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Dorothy Sayers’ Gaudy Night From a Class and Gender Perspective

Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain as a Bildungsroman

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Fictional Sisters: An examination of sisters and sisterhood in I Capture the Castle and The Bront√ęs Went to Woolworths

A Biographical Study —Son and Lovers

A Combination of Realism and Surrealism —Sandbox, The

A Contradictory View of Racism Seen through the Character of George Dawson —Life Is So Good

A Critique toward Humanism during the Era of Renaissance & Reformation in the Main Char. —Dr. Faustus

A Portrait of British Punk Society in the Late 1970s —Punk, The

A Postcolonial Study of East Indian Society’s —Struggle to Survive in Trinidad House for Mr. Biswas, A.

A Psychoanalysis Study on Personality to Reveal His Anxiety Rise of Silas —Lapham, the

Characterization of Mina Murray & Lucy Westenra as the Representation of Victorian Women Dracula

Characterization of Napoleon and Snowball, The Study of Animal Farm

Characterization of the Hero and Heroine: A Biographical Study of the Novelist Professor, The (Charlotte Bronte)

Characterization toward the Theme, The Study of the Wild Duck, The

Characterization, Title, and Theme, A Study of She Stoods to Conquer (Goldsmith)

Character’s and Moral Changes towards Dehumanization as the Impact of Science Frankenstein

judul skripsi sastra inggris Comical Satire Doctor’s Dilemma, The

Comical Satires and Their Functions, The Our Man In Havana

Comp. Study on Great Expectation and its 1998 Film:Thematic Presentation via Char Great Expectations

Comparative Study of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and its Movie Screenplay, A Frankenstein

Comparative Study of the Narrator’s Psychological Disorder, A Black Cat, The & Tell Tale Heart, The

A Study of Frankie’s Identity Formation in Her Adolescene —Member of the Wedding, The

A Study of Hank Holden’s Motivation in Killing the Jurors —Last Juror, The

Characters as Means to Convey the Messae Little Dorrit

Character’s Changes and Moral Development, The Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

Characters in S. Buck’s Mandala, The Study of Mandala

Characters, Setting, and Theme as the Reflection of the New South Society Streetcar Named Desire,

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Cherry Orcard as a Reflection of MadameRanevsky, The Cherry Orchard, The

Chinese Values, The Pavilion of Women

Chinese Values, The Joyluck Club, The

Chinua Achebe’s Mission behind the Description of Colonialism Influences on Africa Things Fall Apart

Christian Moral Teaching on Repetance Reflected in Henchard’s Character Mayor of Casterbridge, The

Christian Values in Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe (sebuah judul skripsi bahasa inggris novel)

Christian Values of Love Walk to Remember

Colonel Marc Rodin as a Praetorian Soldier, The Analysis on Day of the Jackal, The (F. Forsythe)

Colonial Identities during Colonialism in Indonesia Child of All Nations & Max Havelaar

Colonization Practices Revealed by the Main Characters & His Society From the Land of Green Ghosts

Comedy as a Device to Criticize the Social Condition Importance of Being Ernest, The

A Study of Kaysen’s View on Her Insanity —Girl Interrupted

A Study of the Influence of Society and Family toward Francie’s Character Development —–Tree Grown in Broklyn, A

A Study of Love in Bridget Jones’ Life— Bridget Jones’s Diary

Alienation as the Result of Social Disparity in the 1950s British Society ——Birthday Party, the

Alienation of Constance and Merricat, The —-We Always Lived in the Castle

Alienation, Oppression, and Class-Consciousness: A Marxist Study —-Sizwe Bansi is Dead

Allegory of Russian Revolution in 1917, An —Animal Farm

Alvina’s Dissatisfaction Causing the Endeavors Influencing Her Personality Development —Lost Girl, The (Lawrence)

American Dream as Revealed thorugh the Character of Forest Gump, —The Forest Gump

American Dreams seen through the Conflicts and the Development of the Major Character—— Tender is the Night

American Non-Verbal Communication, A Study of —–Summer and Smoke

American View of Chinese Oppression to Tibetan` Secret of Shambala in …

Ammu’s Motive for Having Sexual Intercourse with Velutha—- God of Small Things, The (sebuah judul skripsi bahasa inggris novel)

An Analysis of Paton’s Social Criticism toward South African Society Cry, —–the Beloved Country

An Existentialist Study of Human Existence as Revealed by the Main Characters —-Veronika Decides to Die

Analysis on the Collision of Islamic Fundamentalism & Western Cultures —–My Son the Fanatic

Angelou’s Criticism as Revealed in the Character of Marguerite Johnson ——Gather Together in My Name

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Angelou’s Struggle against the Practices of Racism and Sexism Singin and Swingin and Getting Merry…

Animal Character as the Representation of Jack London’s Life, The Call of the Wild, The

judul skripsi sastra inggris Working Through the Uncanny: A Feminist Reading of Autobiography

A Hopeless, One-Sided Institution: Marriage and the Feminist Politics of Oscar Wilde

Tee-hee! Quod She, My Vulgar Darling: Detecting the Adolescent Female Voice in Nabokov’s Lolita and Chaucer’s Miller’s Tale

Stinging Red, Smarting Pink’: The Ethics of Representation in Nabokov’s Lolita

The Great Truth of Old Ideas: The English Past in Pride and Prejudice, Sybil, and Daniel Deronda

Between Manuscript and Print: George Gascoigne as the Professional Poet

A Poet’s Progress: Bunyanesque Walking in Blake’s Milton

Arts and Letters: Epistolarity in Pamela

Genre Conventions and Plot Structure in Dorothy L. Sayers’ “Strong Poison”

The Development of Henry Townsend in The Known World

Apartheid, Oppresion, and Class Consciousness in Island, The (Fugard)

Appropriation and Abrogation Things Fall Apart

Arundhati Roy’s Criticism as Expressed through the Characters and Setting God of Small Things, The

Aspect of Colonialism & Imperialism, The King Solomon’s Mines

Character Development of Samuel Pickwick, The Pickwick Papers, The

judul skripsi sastra inggris Character Development of the Main Character Notes from Underground

Character of Malvolio as a Satirical Picture of Puritanism, The Twelfth Night

Character of Ruth: A Portrait of a Feminist, A Life and Love of a She Devil, The

Character of Thomas Becket, The Murder in the Cathedral (sebuah judul skripsi bahasa inggris novel)

Characteristic Deeds of the Tragic Hero in Shakespeare’s Hamlet Hamlet

Characteristics of Shakespearean Tragedy, The Othello

Characterizatiom and the Theme, An Analysis of Reign of Hell (Sven Hassel)

Aspect of Guilt and Responsibility in Relation to the Great Depression, The Price, The (Arthur Miller)

Aspect of Love and Loneliness Influencing Major Char’s Personal Relat., An Analysis on Silas Marner

Aspect of Naturalism, The Maggie: A Girl of the Street

Aspects and Development of the Relationship between Griet and Vermeer, The Girl with A Pearl Earring

Aspects of Fortune and Misfortune toward the Main Character’s Development Moll Flanders

Aspects of Realism, The Unvanquished, The (Faulkner)

Athol Fugard: A Representation of Racial Opression during Colonization Statmnts after an Arrest under the Immrliy Act:

Author’s Perspective of Christian Faith, The Good Friday, 1613, Riding Westward

Bad Portrayals of Am. M-Media in Presidential Campaign Represented in Conflicts, The Best Laid Plan, The (Sidney Sheldon)

Character Development of Alma Winemiller, A Study of Summer and Smoke

Character Development of Herman Broder, The Study on Singer’s Enemies: A Love Story

Character Development of Rupert Bikkin, The Women in Love (sebuah judul skripsi bahasa inggris novel)

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Civilization: White’s Rhetoric Women of the Sun

Conflicts in a Marriage Life Ethan Frome

judul skripsi sastra inggris Conflicts of Indian Immigrants in America, The Namesake, The (Lahiri)

Becky’s Failure to be an Ideal Woman in the Victorian Era Vanity Fair

Betrayal Leading to an Unhappy Life Time Man Within, The

Biblical Allegory in Revealing the Theme, An Analysis of Moby Dick

Biblical Values Conveyed through Anna & Leven;s Characters Anna Karenina

Biographical Study on Charlote Bronte, A Jane Eyre

Concept of determinism in the Dramatic Character, The Hedda Gabler

Concept of Nirvana Revealed in the Main Character, The Color Purple, The

Concept of Socialism in Influencing Character Development of Penelope and Pavel, The Mother (Maxim Gorky)

Conflict as Representation of Cultural Resistance: A Postcolonial Study Women of the Sun (Maris & Borg)

Conflict between Capitalism and Communism, The Animal Farm

Conflict between Charles and Adam as the Effect of Charles’ Jealousy East of Eden

Conflict Created by Male Domination Painted Alphabet, The (Darling)

King Stags and Fairy Queens: Modern religious myth in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon

Anne and Gilbert’s Falling in Love in L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series

“That fluidity out there” – Epiphanies and the Sea in Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse” (sebuah judul skripsi bahasa inggris novel)

The Figure in the Ground – Perception, Identity and Readerly Involvement in four Short Stories by Elizabeth Bowen

Postmodern or conventional? An inquiry into the nature of Ian McEwan’s Saturday.

Annemarie as a Symbol of Denmark during the Occupation of Nazi Number the Stars

Antifeminism as Reflected in the Characters Bostonian, The

Antisocial Personality Disorder of the Main Character Hannibal (Thomas Harris)

Antonio Marez;s Personality Development, The Study on Bless Me, Ultima (Rudolfo Anaya)

Anxiety and Neurosis Behaviour, The Turn of the Screw, The

Conflict Progress of Valentine Xavier to deliver the Theme Fugitive Kind, The (Tennessee William)

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Conflict Resolution Based on Analitical Review of Ideological Point of View Nineteen Eighty Four (1984)

Conflicting Ideas of Marriage between Connie and Clifford Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Conflicts as a Determining Factor in Lady Chiltern’s Character Development Ideal Husband, An

Biological Study of Sylvia Plath’s Mood Disorder, A Lady Lazarus & Daddy

Black American Dream Pursuit of Happyness, the

judul skripsi sastra inggris Black American Woman’s Struggle for Her Personal Ambitions, A Their Eyes were Watching God

Black People’s Struggle against Race Discrimination Let the Circle Be Unbroken

Black Women’s Struggle in Hurston’s Short Stories Sweat & The Gilded Six-Bits

Blanche’s Motivation in Creating Illusion Related to her Character Streetcar Named Desire, A

Blunt Satire to the Male-Dominated American Society Trifles

Body, Art, and Relationship , The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The

Captain Ahab as a Tragic Hero Based on Shakespearean Tragedy, An Analysis of Moby Dick

Catherine Earnshaw’s Inner Conflict Seen through Horney’s Social Psychoanalysis Wuthering Height

Catherine’s Repressed Personality as the Result of her Authoritative Father Washington Square

Celie’s Struggle to Show her Existence Color Purple, The

A Study of Theme—– Notes from Underground

Affection of Mother for her Child Represented in the Characters, The Lady ——Windermere’s Fan

Afro-American Women’s Struggles against Racial and Gender Discrimination —-Their Eyes were Watching God

Against Utopian Mentality: The Influence of Individualism and History as a Social Critic…. —-Giver, The (Lowry)

Alan Seymour’s Criticism towards Australian Nationalism through the Main Characters —-One Day of the Year (sebuah judul skripsi bahasa inggris novel)

Alienation and Violence ——-Lord of the Flies & Catcher in the Rye

Celie’s Views towards Life Based on her Experiences and Sufferings Color Purple, The

Challenge to the Established Values of Creole, The Awakening, The

Change of Robinson Crusoe as the Consequence of His Journey, The Robinson Crusoe

judul skripsi sastra inggris - Character Development in Metamorphosis, The

Conrad’s Moral Criticism toward European Society in 19th Century Heart of Darkness

Close Read. of “The Young Dead Soldier” and “Kerawang-Bekasi”: Assesment of Originality Young Dead Soldier, The

Adah as the Representation of the Struggle of Gender & Racial Discrimination ——-Second Class Citizen

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